Wonder Woman: sneak peek at her first ever film

Gal Gadot in a still from Wonder Woman. Photo: YouTube Gal Gadot battling Nazis in a still from Wonder Woman. Photo: YouTube


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It’s taken 75 long years to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen, but the first trickle of footage from her movie debut suggests a film rich enough to forgive the mother of all delays.

Electrifying footage from the World War II-era film shows Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, beating up a bunch of Nazis with her famous shield, leading an expedition of 1940s normies in immaculate costume, and then letting her hair down by galloping about on horseback while swinging her lethal sword.

It’s not the first look at Gadot’s Wonder Woman per se, she unexpectedly appears in the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, right when the two more established superheroes are wondering how to battle their foe. But these are the first scenes from her headline movie.

DC Films took the unusual step of releasing a promo clip for Wonder Woman anchored by its Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, talking about the character to director Kevin Smith.

From a purely action standpoint, Johns succeeds in whetting the appetite: “She’s an Amazon warrior, she’s the best fighter in the DC universe. She has strength and speed and she’s been training her whole life for war.”

“Wonder Woman is one of the greatest superheroes out there but people don’t know her origin like they know Superman’s origin or Batman’s origin and so what we want to do in the film is tell people who she is where she comes from and why she does what she does.

“She comes from a Greek mythology, she comes from this island of Amazons, it’s called Themyscira.”

Gadot, the Israeli actor/model who plays Wonder Woman (and her alter ego Diana Prince) gets to speak, briefly: “We’re gonna see her coming of age, the entire history, what’s her mission.”

Then it’s back to Johns: “These Amazons were once created to protect man’s world but they since abandoned it. And Diana is asking constantly ‘why don’t we go do what we were created to do and protect man?’ and they say ‘because they’re not worth it’.”

The original story of how Wonder Woman – who was created by polygraphy inventor William Marston in 1951 – comes into the human world is that she leads a wounded pilot back to civilisation after he crash-lands on Themyscira, and goes forth with a grand mission of bringing peace to the world.

The film’s director Patty Jenkins (who directed Charlize Theron in Monster) also gets a word in: “The greatest thing about Wonder Woman is how good and kind and loving she is, yet none of that negates any of her power.”

Some might add her lasso – which forces its captives to tell the truth – was pretty great too, although it wasn’t sighted in the first-look clip. Neither was the somewhat ridiculous invisible plane which TV Wonder Woman star, Lynda Carter flew with commendable dedication in the 1970s.

Christopher Pine (who plays Steve Trevor, the fortunate pilot) nails the reason why Wonder Woman should be a huge box office smash when it finally drops – after 14 years stop-start years of development: “Telling a story like this now is pivotal and important: the story of a very powerful woman.”

Wonder Woman is due for release in June 2017.