Time right for snapper fishing this weekend

HARBOUR MASTER: Lachlan Cafe wins Fish of the Week and the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this 122cm jew hooked off Stockton breakwall.


LINGERING dirty water and a full moon rising has created prime conditions for snapper fishing this weekend.

Reports of snapper hauls have flooded in this week as flushed-outsystems from rainthis month have continued to provide ideal conditions.

Paul “Ringo” Lennon, fromTackleworld Port Stephens, said the trend was set to continue this weekend.

“The dirty and warm water seems to have stirred up the snapper,” Lennon said.

“We’re still getting flush out from the estuaries and there’s some nice reddies in it.A lot of guys have been going out the last week or so and getting reddies up to seven, eight kilo, mainly fishing around Broughton and up towards Edith Breakers.”

Nulkaba angler Christian Thompson and his nine-year-old son, Jack, were among those to get in on the action on their boat Reelentless.Jack snared twogood snapper on a trip to Broughton Island, usingnew soft plastics and a rod he got for his birthday.

Ross”Duff” Duffy, from Salamander Bait & Tackle, said the snapper were biting, especially at Seal Rocks, and the time was right for more catches leading into Sunday’s full moon.

“‘Mullet’ Connell went up to Seal Rocks andbagged out on snapper up to seven kilo,” Duff said.

“That’s probably the best catch we’ve seen up there for a while.

“Shane Peters was up atsawtooth, in front of the lighthouse at Seal Rocks, and caught snapper up to six kilo.

“It should be a good week for them.We’ve got a moon phase coming in next week and the run-in is generally good fishing and a prime time. Dawn and dusk tides, that’s the go.”

Lake fires witharrows, flattiesFLATHEAD and squid arethe order of the day in Lake Macquarie after the flush out, according to Shannon Malone fromFisherman’s Warehouse, Marks Point.

““We’ve had good reports of bream, whiting, butthere’s some big flathead around, including some big female ones in that 70 to 80 centimetre range being consistently caught,” Malone said.

“The squid are starting to fire up in the Lake as well. There’s some decent reports of arrow squid spread out all through the Lake, not just the usual spots.”

Malone said the shallow flats havealso been fishing well in recent weeks with bream and whiting taking surface lures.

There will plenty more stories shared of fishing in the area when theLocal Lake Mac Fisho’s Facebook group hold there sixth annual Meet and Greet on Sunday from 12pm at Wangi Wangi RSL. The group now has close to 4600 members.

Judd rewarded for braveryCam Judd from Swansea RSL Fishing Club went offshore last weekend in some wild conditions with a mate for a great catch of jew and bream off Mawson’s.

“It was that rough we had to start the motor to power over a couple of breakers while at anchor,” Judd said.“You had to be keen.However, the fish seemed to love the conditions as we got our bag limit of bream and jew by early in the afternoon, all on peeled prawns.

“We had four jew and 20 bream by 5pm.”

A reminder to all that Swansea RSL Fishing Club’s 2016 season starts onJanuary 29with a barbecueweigh-in onSunday, January 31.

Signs of life on the outsideMore wild weather predicted for the weekend will not help anglers looking to find bigger catches offshore.

Duff said despite currents making life difficult off theBay, a stack of trag had been caught on all the main reefs, including theVs, 21 andGibber, while dolphin fishon the FAD and rat kingies around Fingal and Big and Little Island were biting.He said fishing forflathead just inside the V and school jew fisharound the wreck in Salamander were also winning moves.

Down south,Malone said salmon fishing at Moon Island was worth a try.

“There’s still a fairly big school of salmon hanging around the back of Moon Island,” Malone said.

“There’s a mixture of bonito, king fish and tailor in there with them, but there’s some cracking salmon down there for those who want to get there arm stretched.”

He said there had beenreports of small black marlins closer to shore for those willing to do the hard yards.

“The FAD off Swansea has not been fishing well because it’s only just been redeployed but I know a few people who have been out there the past few days,”he said.“They’ve persevered and have hooked up to small marlin.

“A mate of mine,Shannen Riley, fished there Tuesday on his own, trolled around then came in around the ships and hooked up to a black marlin around the 60-kilo mark, on 10 kilo gear, and managed to land it all on his own.He got it in the boat, got a photo. That’s a pretty big effort.”

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