Teens hid in the dark after a shot was fired into their home

A shot was fired into the Queanbeyan home of Cody Matheson and Molly Winters. Photo: Melissa Adams Fragments from the bullet that was fired into a Queanbeyan home. Photo: Melissa Adams


The residents of a home in Queanbeyan which was shot at in the early hours of Wednesday morning, said they feared for their lives as they hid in the dark in their bathroom.

Seventeen-year-old Molly Winters was one of three occupants at a home in Fergus Street, which was damaged when a shotgun bullet was fired into the metal louvres protecting the window.

Miss Winters said if the metal had not been there, the bullet would have penetrated the glass to the lounge room and killed her boyfriend, 18-year-old Cody Matheson.

“My boyfriend was standing right there, he was so lucky,” Miss Winters said.

“He had got up to go and get our kitten off the lounge to bring it to bed,” she said.

When the noise rang out through the house, Miss Winters said the couple were scared for their lives.

“We turned off all the lights and got in the bathroom, and then I realised I had to call police so I had to run back to the room and duck behind the couch,” she said.

“It was horrible, it was terrifying. We’re all pretty scared still now.”

The attack on the home was the latest in a string of incidents, Miss Winters said.

She believed the same person – who she described as an ice addict – was responsible for “pulling a gun” on her about a month ago.

Miss Winters said she was walking outside to meet her father when she noticed a man with a gun in his hand walking down the road.

“I said, ‘Don’t come here starting stuff’, and he pulled the gun and said, ‘I’m not one to be f—ed with’, and pointed it straight at me.”

“It was a sawed-off double barrelled shotgun,” she said.

Miss Winters believed a recent dispute between the man and her housemate was the reason behind the attacks.

She described another incident in which the man pointed a gun at Miss Winters’ 31-year-old housemate, but in that instance the man pulled the trigger.

“He laughed in his face and said, ‘Next time there will be bullets’,” Miss Winters said.

Inspector Tony Hill said Queanbeyan Police were investigating Tuesday night’s shooting.

“We’re following up a line of inquiry that there may have been a dispute with the occupant,” Inspector Hill said.

“We do not think there is a risk to any other members of the public.”