No clean shave for pollies over summer break

Chris Bowen with his clipped and trimmed summer effort. Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, rocking some fuzz.


Labor’s Ed Husic left the shaving cream at home.

As the nation’s politicians return from their summer sojourns refreshed and ready for an election year, several are sporting souvenirs from their break: holiday beards.

Log on to social media or turn on the telly and you’ll find a normally clean-shaven pollie turned hirsute.

Chris Bowen led the charge for the no-razor gang on Tuesday in an appearance on 7.30. Ostensibly there to talk about a potential rise to the GST, it was his new beard that dominated discussion on social media. Most thought it a snappy look for the shadow treasurer.

On Wednesday, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield followed up on Sky News by proudly displaying his own plumage. Rocking some fuzz, he showed, is not limited to one side of politics.

It doesn’t end there.

Last week, assistant innovation minister Wyatt Roy showed off a new beard to his 1871 Instagram followers. Despite a positive reaction from many, two days later he posted another photo getting it shaved off.

“Who knows?”, he wrote tantalisingly, “It might make a comeback sometime later in the year.”

While travelling overseas to learn about start-ups, Labor’s Ed Husic has also left the shaving cream at home.

Colleague Sam Dastyari was also spotted on television this month with a holiday beard – now removed – while bewailing rising petrol prices.

The sprouting hasn’t gone unnoticed by the pollies themselves, who have been ribbing each other on social media about the trend. When asked about his new look on Sky, Fifield said: “I thought it was important to show Chris Bowen and Ed Husic what a real beard looked like.”

According to some studies, beards signal confidence and advertise a man’s health. They also make men seem older, more aggressive and to have a higher social status.

When Parliament resumes next month, we will learn how many pollies have decided to keep that summertime feeling alive by making their holiday beard permanent.

Follow us on Twitter     As much as I liked the holiday ‘beard’ I thought it was time to get rid of it… Who knows it might make a comeback sometime later in the year.A photo posted by Wyatt Roy (@wyattroymp) on Jan 15, 2016 at 2:03pm PST