Gunning grass fire threatens Hume Highway

NSW Rural Fire Service crews are battling a grass fire in Gunning. Photo: Yass Tribune/Goulburn Post The fire burnt 630 hectares by Wednesday evening. Photo: Supplied


The dynamic and fast moving blaze came within 200m-300m of Gunning homes. Photo: Renee Andrews

Up to 100 sheep were lost in the fire and other livestock were been badly burnt and would need to be put down. Photo: Supplied

Rural homes near Gunning came close to being engulfed in a grass fire on Wednesday that burnt 630 hectares and threatened to close part of the Hume Highway.

Up to 100 sheep were lost in the fire and other livestock had been badly burnt and would  probably need to be put down.

Paul Best from the NSW Rural Fire Service said he was notified of the fire shortly before 2pm, it had been contained by 5.20pm and was brought under control by 8pm.

The dynamic and fast moving blaze came within 200 metres to 300 metres of Gunning homes, but crews were able to protect them.​

Mr Best said 185 firefighters in 56 vehicles from Rural Fire Service and Fire & Rescue NSW battled the blaze.

“They will continue to work on it overnight, but as the situation starts to resolve a lot of those firefighters will be released,” he said.

Local resident Greg McGrath was in Yass when he heard the news that a fire was at the border of his property on the Lerida Fish River, approximately two kilometres from Gunning.

“I was able to rush home and found it was just at the borderline, we were able to get all our sheep out of the line of fire,” he said.

“There was a heap of country burnt all around us, you can see there is around 800 hectares burnt.” Big Hill Fire, Gunning. Easing conditions have allowed firefighters to gain the upper hand on this fire. #NSWRFSpic.twitter苏州半永久纹眉/SlxBcf82aR— NSW RFS (@NSWRFS) January 20, 2016

Although Mr McGrath was spared the worst, many of his neighbours weren’t as fortunate.

“There are a few hundred sheep that have died on neighbouring properties, they have just called in the district vet to, I suppose, put down the rest.”

“Excavators have been called in, as it has just burnt through the hollows of the trees. At this point the fire is under control but that can change at any time. There’s a lot of work that is needed to be done.”

Despite the slight spattering of rain,  more than 20 RFS units will stay at the site of the fire overnight to keep it contained.

“We were so lucky we didn’t lose any stock or fencing,” Mr McGrath said.

“I have to say when they started dropping the water from those planes it was amazing, I have never seen anything like it.” Watch&Act: #GunningFire The DC10 #SouthernBelle is being sent to this fire. Fire is burning near isolated rural properties. #NSWRFS on scene— NSW RFS (@NSWRFS) January 20, 2016

Despite the devastating loss of farmland and livestock for the small community of Gunning,  Mr McGrath is certain that, with a bit of work, they can rebuild what was once there.

“No one likes a fire … What else do you do but pick up the pieces,” he continued.

“Tomorrow will be a bit of work and the mop up will take days if not the week, then we just get up and do it all again.

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