‘An absolute circus’: Nick Kyrgios changes outfit mid-match because his shorts were too small

Inbetweener: Nick Kyrgios attempts a trick shot against Uruguayan Pablo Cuevas. Photo: Joe ArmaoNick Kyrgios is used to his short temper getting him in trouble, but it was his short shorts that caused problems during his second-round Australian Open clash on Wednesday night.


The Australian tennis star dispatched with Uruguayan Pablo Cuevas in straight sets at Hisense Arena in front of a supportive crowd.

Kyrgios did, however, have to contend with a challenge more familiar to AFL players: his shorts were too small.

The 20-year-old appeared bothered during the first two sets by his white shorts, which weren’t big enough to hold an extra ball for his second serve.

While a snug pair of shorts never held back the likes of Warwick Capper, it became too much for Kyrgios, who was allowed to change into a roomier black pair late in the second set.

It’s unclear exactly what happened, but Kyrgios was clearly displeased about the wardrobe malfunction.

“Mate, it was an absolute circus,” he said during the post-match interview.

“I’m not going to talk too much about it, but it was just a massive mix up and that’s just part of the challenges you face.”

Asked if he would be wearing different shorts for the next match, he replied: “I’m hoping so, I hope I get that right ones, I’m just glad I got through that.”

Kyrgios comes back with different shorts. But your outfit, Nick! It’s ruined! #AusOpen— Max Laughton (@dshban) January 20, 2016

Kyrgios doing a heck of a job promoting Nike Uncomfortable Shorts #AusOpen— Mich (@SurfBumMich) January 20, 2016BREAKING: Nick Kyrgios’ shorts delivery dumped into the Yarra River #AusOpenpic.twitter苏州半永久纹眉/vCAWBtKB5t— The Magnet (@mikkithompson93) January 20, 2016I agree that shorts that have no room for balls are frustrating. It shouldn’t happen. @NickKyrgios— Dave Hughes (@DHughesy) January 20, 2016It’s all about the #[email protected] oh I mean #Shorts live on #7Tennis >https://t.co/jNi2Rxuht2https://t.co/Qgdtw4E5R7— 7Tennis (@7tennis) January 20, 2016C’mon #AusOpen commentators, enough about the #Kyrgios shorts. If I wanted people harping on about trvivialities I’d tune into #AUSvIND— Anthony Sharwood (@antsharwood) January 20, 2016Comms speculating Kyrgios is upset b/c pockets in his shorts are uncomfortable when stuffed w a ball, ie, that outfit is UGLY AND USELESS!— betti w. woo (@bettiwettiwoo) January 20, 2016White shorts. Black shorts. Have I missed something important? #Kyrgios#AusOpen#shorts— Angie Dreese (@writeAngiewrite) January 20, 2016