Police tow stranded sailors back to shore

TWO stranded sailors drifting in heavy swells more than 160 kilometres off Portland have arrived safely in Apollo Bay.A water police rescue vessel found the stricken yacht about 9.15pm on Friday, before commencing the long journey back to shore. The two men aboard the twin-mast ketch yacht, which police said had a broken mast support and damage to a rudder, was believed to have been sailing from Adelaide to Strachan, in Tasmania, when it broke down. The sailors raised the alarm about 8.30am on Friday after their 10-metre craft came to a halt about 70 nautical miles (130 kilometres) off King Island. The sailors had adequate supplies and safety equipment but problems with their radio hampered the efforts to find them.Police attached tow lines to the yacht at 9.40pm and estimated they would arrive at Apollo Bay about 10am on Saturday.They were delayed by four-metre swells and 18 to 20 knot (37 kmh) winds.The two boats arrived at Apollo Bay about midday on Saturday.
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