CFA saves hay bales

QUICK thinking by more than 25 firefighters at Mepunga West yesterday saved more than 270 round hay bales after a fire broke out in the stack. About 30 bales were destroyed in the blaze which flared up moments after CFA crews arrived to inspect a small fire in the roughly 300-bale haystack at a property on Chambers Road. The blaze, which was believed to have been caused by spontaneous combustion, came three days after 120 round bales were destroyed in a similar fire at Naringal.Hopkins-Curdies Group fire officer Kelvin Boyle said volunteers from Allansford, Cudgee, Mepunga, Naringal and Nullawarre were called to the property at 11.11am. “This one started off as an inspection and as we were inspecting, it actually blew up in front of our faces,” he said. Mr Boyle said it was extremely lucky the fire did not engulf a line of cypress trees above the haystack. Four front-end loaders moved in to break apart the stack and an excavator buried the burning bales before fire crews cleared the scene at 3.30pm.
HangZhou Night Net

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.