Fishy stories abound along coast

AT: I had a call from Friar Fisher this week about a few of his mates heading over to Nelson fishing.TA: Fishermen having a few beers and getting into bother sounds promising. What happened?AT: Apparently there was a group of mates known as the Nelson Nongs who went over. They took about five boats and the boys were all fishing down near the mouth of the Glenelg River in an area known as the Bull Ring. About 1am a vicious storm blew up. It was pouring rain and blowing a gale and Billy Johnson decided to seek a more sheltered spot. Unfortunately there was no moon and Billy headed off at a decent clip in the pitch black. One of his mates yelled out that Mr Johnson seemed to be heading for the mudflats but by that time Billy was already bogged. He rang for help but inadvertently rang a mate’s wife which caused a bit of drama. Anyway due to some mobility problems Billy couldn’t get out of his boat without assistance. He had to wait six hours until daylight. I’m told that at one stage he looked around with his torch and saw two kangaroos nearby and about 5000 ducks. That did not help his disposition any good as Billy’s an avid duck shooter. In true fisherman fashion Billy made the best of a very poor situation and kept on fishing until help arrived. TA: Our yarn about Bamstone’s Michael Steel amused a few people last week after he was about seven hours late to present a trophy at the greyhounds. But it doesn’t end there. I hear Steely’s been busy again this week.AT: Why do you continually want to burn people?TA: It’s not about burning people it’s about providing people with a chuckle. The barflies tell me that last Saturday’s column piece prompted a phone call from a frantic Emma Kavanagh early Saturday morning.AT: How does Emma fit in?TA: Well, Emma was marrying Tim Searle last Saturday. Michael Steel and his father-in-law Don Bartlett were using their Cadillacs as the bridal cars for the wedding. Apparently Emma had a panic attack that Steely and Don would not get her to the church on time. Steely assured the bride that he would have her at Peterborough by 4pm for the exchanging of wedding vows. I’m told just to make sure everything was all right, Steely turned up at 2.30pm. But like Danoz Direct – there’s more. The wedding reception was at Emma’s parents Mick and Carmel Kavanagh’s Peterborough property. After a long night of celebrating it was discovered on Sunday morning that the wedding cake was missing.AT: The wedding cake – stolen. I’m sure the Warrnambool detectives would be pleased to take on a big cake case. Matty Laxton and a couple of Warrnambool boys are very keen on cake.TA: The cake was made by one of Emma’s aunties and weighed in at just over 17lb. The tray and the knife were recovered but there’s no sign of the wedding cake. Questions are still being asked.AT: Anything else going on?TA: I caught up with Sam Stevens from Rodger Constructions during the week. We had a chat about the purchase of Port Fairy’s Victoria Hotel. The former South Warrnambool footballer said the company takes over on February 11. There will not be any major changes until after Easter. There will be a focus on family meals and I’m sure there will be a few major changes to the menu.AT: I’ve been interested to see the Flying Horse Bar and Brewery bus getting around town during the summer holidays transporting patrons. One drawback about the brewery being on the eastern outskirts of town is the distance from the holidaymakers at the beach and that looks to have been overcome. Mrs Manoel would be very happy to see Moose driving the bus and out from under her feet at home.TA: Talking about watering holes, it was great to see that Warrnambool’s Vic Hotel donated $5000 to Warrnambool’s SES to get some new equipment including the Jaws Of Life. The Vic’s Pixie Gleeson said a lot of the equipment at the SES was out of date. Gerry Billings and the SES boys are very keen to get some new gear. It also looks like it’s going to be a big night down at the Timboon Hotel tonight. I’m told a certain redheaded gentleman who has taken over the running of the establishment is one year closer to receiving Centrelink pensioner payments. He’s going to provide a few free drinks for the patrons to help celebrate his birthday. Anyone who wants a free drink just mention this column to Grandpa and I’m sure he will fill up your glass.AT: Sad to see Nut McMahon’s dog Nuts Fawn Suit not win the final at the dogs the other night. He was due for a change of luck.TA: I promise this is the last dig at Nut McMahon for a few weeks. Appears the former publican went to the supermarket last week and went to use his American Express card. He delved into his pocket and discovered he had lost his card. He rushed home and phoned up to cancel the card. A few hours later he got a call from the supermarket to say they had found his card. Now he has to wait two weeks to get a new card.AT: Talking of sad stories from the dogs, both Noel Mugavin and Dustin Drew told me to back Express Reward in the big maiden final the other night. I was too clever and decided not to have a bet. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the favourite’s litter brother getting up and paying $24.80 a win. Until next week, hooroo.
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