Teen drug racket reaps $15,000

A TEENAGER who ran a $15,000 drug trafficking operation in Warrnambool has been placed on a 12-month youth supervision order.The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in a court yesterday pleading guilty to trafficking cannabis.A court heard yesterday that the youth was arrested by police in Whitehead Court, Warrnambool, as he was wanted on two warrants.He was placed in the back of a divisional van and was observed by police transferring a concealed envelope from his jacket to his left sock. The envelope was later found to contain $1800 cash.The male teenager initially told police he earned the money labouring and working for cash-in-hand. He later made admissions that he had been trafficking cannabis for three months.The youth admitted buying marijuana and doubling the price, selling to about three people daily. The male teenager told police he used mobile phone text messages to undertake his dealings.He used the money had made to buy clothes and food and to fund his social life.The youth told police he only used a small amount of the drugs himself.A defence solicitor said it was fortunate that the youth was not having the case heard in the magistrates court as he would have risked being sent to prison.A magistrate said the community was concerned about the amount of drugs available on the streets and the youth had been motivated by greed.The youth was also caught with a 40cm-long double-edged sword in February last year along with a metal baseball bat, balaclava and police scanner.In May 2007 he was also caught under-age drinking.The youth was ordered to undertake a 12-month youth supervision order with conditions he undertake treatment and counselling as required.
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