Sting uncovers prescription drug thefts

A WARRNAMBOOL delivery driver who stole opium-based tablets from his van while delivering to pharmacies was yesterday ordered to do community work.Troy Cannon, 36, of Howard Street, pleaded guilty to attempted theft, possessing a drug of dependence, using a drug of dependence and five counts of theft.Warrnambool Magistrates Court heard that Cannon was a delivery driver to pharmacies for about eight months.Police alleged that Cannon stole or attempted to steal prescription drugs MS Contin and Oxycontin six times between October 29 and November 18 last year.A Port Fairy pharmacy reported drugs missing which led to Warrnambool police detectives launching a sting operation. Boxes of drugs were marked and Cannon’s activities filmed.Cannon told police he stole the prescription drugs for his own use and injected them every couple of days.Defence counsel Amanda Chambers said prescription drugs were a significant problem in the community.She said it was inevitable that Cannon’s activities were detected.Ms Chambers said he had previously used the drugs for back and neck injuries and started using the drugs again without a prescription after falling in with the wrong crowd.Magistrate Michael Stone said Cannon had been engaged by his employer to deliver goods and his offending was a gross breach of trust. He said Cannon’s first offence may have been opportunistic but then stealing became a habit.Mr Stone said it was serious offending and opiate-based drugs were in high demand among some sections of the community.Mr Stone said people who stole drugs generally faced a prison term.Cannon was jailed for three months but the prison term was suspended for 12 months. He was also ordered to do 60 hours community work as part of a 12-month community-based order.
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