Jeff pegs top idea: New take on old design

Former Warrnambool resident Jeff Scimonello with his Bluescrew pegs.WHEN Jeff Scimonello shared family camping holidays at the Warrnambool foreshore he was annoyed when tent pegs failed to hold against the wind.Years later after moving from his Warrnambool home town the idea for designing a better tent anchor began to take shape.Now the Sunshine Coast engineer is marketing his helix screw-in pegs from shop shelves in Australia and overseas.When he returned home to visit his parents, Paul and Shirley Scimonello, for Christmas he took a sample back to the same caravan park he enjoyed in his youth.”I showed manager Alby Lewis who was fascinated with the design,” Mr Scimonello, 42, said.”The idea for a screw-in peg came when I was at Ballarat Uni. It stayed in my head for about 20 years until I started designing it with injection moulding.”Through trial and error I developed the product and called it Bluescrew.”It can be used as a tent fastener, a boat anchor and a dog tether. “You don’t need tools to put it in and it holds fast under water.”We also have other products for boating and camping ready to go to market.”
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