Horse trading runs wild on the net

AT: Santa appears to have been very generous this year but one Warrnambool car salesman got a present he didn’t expect and had to promptly return. TA: Got any names?AT: I’ve been sworn to secrecy but there will be enough clues for everyone to work it out. Seems that the salesman’s young teenage son had his eyes on a very well-bred thoroughbred yearling. The youngster started email correspondence to connections of the yearling and after a few messages back and forth a price was agreed upon. Which was all fine until an invoice was sent to his old man. Now, Tim, you’re said to be knowledgeable about racing. What’s a handy yearling worth?TA: Well, you could get something pretty well-bred for $30,000 to $50,000.AT: Well, I’m told the for-eyes-only invoice was for $500,000.TA: That’s half a million dollars!AT: Yes, Tim. Thanks for the help with the maths. Needless to say the car salesman quickly threw the process in reverse and had to explain his 14-year-old had signed him up. Apparently all has been sorted out but I’m tipping the son’s internet use will be closely monitored from now on.TA: Appears Brian “Nut” McMahon has copped plenty of flak after last week’s column revealed the former South Warrnambool and St Kilda footballer had lost his house keys twice in one day after a few Christmas drinks – as well as losing his new mobile telephone the next day.AT: Don’t go dragging any more gossip up on poor old Nut.TA: I’ve got to mention that Nut had a greyhound which ran at the Warrnambool dogs on New Year’s Eve. Nut was hoping the debuting dishlicker would help him end 2008 on a high. The dog named Nuts Fawn Suit was heavily backed all around Australia and started a hot favourite.AT: Before you go any further, how could he call a dog Nuts Fawn Suit?TA: Story goes Nut went to the Darwin Cup this year. He got all dressed up and thought a fawn suit he had especially bought looked a million dollars. The barflies tell me he could not take the suit off. They said after a few days of wearing the lovely suit in the hot sweaty sun the suit appeared to turn into a different brownie colour. Apparently that is how the dog got its name. The sad thing for Nut is the dog dead-heated for first.AT: At least Nut and his mates would have got something out of the wreck .TA: The dog paid one dollar for a win – so punters only got their money back. I see that a pup you previously had an interest in won again this week – Neon Leon Davis.AT: Yes, Tim, that’s three wins from three starts. Keep rubbing it in. But let’s move along. Before I continue, I want to mention a mate who works at D. J. Bell. I’m told his two young daughters were very surprised that Santa would get them a Playstation sprintcar racing game. Seems their dad Darren has hardly been off the Playstation this week. Now, you being a property owner in Port Fairy, how have things been over in the seaside village during the holiday break?TA: Many of the shopkeepers would be delighted. There have not been many beach days so the holidaymakers have been spending their money in the cafes and shops. Port Fairy has been full of sporting celebrities over the past few days.AT: Timmy the name dropper. Give us a few names.TA: Well, as you may may know, Footy Show personality and Kangaroos chairman James Brayshaw has a holiday house in the village. His good mate John “Sammy” Newman was spotted in Port Fairy for a few days. So was Kangaroos footy manager Donald McDonald, who has a property in the town. Former Essendon and Hawthorn player Paul Salmon has been spotted along with Channel Seven boundary rider and former Essendon premiership player Ricky Olarenshaw. Brayshaw’s brother Mark, who also played with the Roos before taking over as CEO of the Tigers, was also in town. Kangaroos assistant coach Darren Crocker and former teammate Peter German have been spotted along with former Australian Test cricketers Darren Lehmann and Greg Blewett.AT: No sightings of Eddie? Is there any truth in the rumour that Eddie Maguire has a property in the seaside village? TA: No sightings of Eddie. I don’t think he has a property in town. I reckon he would be too busy trying to sort out the Travis Cloke issue. The young forward got in a patch of trouble up on the Sunshine Coast on New Year’s Eve.AT: If we weren’t writing stories about footballers getting into trouble there would be some very boring newspapers produced. I can’t wait for the footy to start again. The cricket has been very depressing. I’m pleased that a few new blokes will get a run in the Sydney Test. Fair enough South Africa has flogged us but they did need to post a near record run chase to win the first Test and then stage a remarkable comeback to win in Melbourne. Australia’s not far away but we need to start playing some young cricketers. TA: Before we finish up, we should offer a special thank-you to the organisers of Port Fairy’s Moyneyana Festival. They do a super job. AT: I was stunned how many people were at the Terang races on Thursday. It was a sensational crowd especially considering the cold weather and the club would have to be delighted with how the locals supported the race day. As for those people who went to the speedway and sat on Mount Max. You should get a medal as I’m told the windchill factor took the temperature well below zero. Until next week, hooroo.
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