Moustache back in vogue: Movember a real ball

(From left) Jarrod Neal, Matty Stewart, Matt Monk, Garry Smith and James Smith get ready for the Movember fancy dress ball. 081114lp01 Picture: LEANNE PICKETTDENNIS Lillee made the moustache famous during the golden years of World Series Cricket, now south-west Movember participants are set to bring back the mo.Warrnambool’s Movember celebrations will culminate at the Flying Horse Inn next week when more than 100 participants will get together for the Movember fancy dress ball.Organiser Garry Smith said Movember’s prominence on the calendar had grown significantly since he and a few mates got involved in the fund-raiser four years ago.”We’ve been part of Movember at WHK (accountants) for a fair few years now and more and more blokes have got involved in it which is great,” he said.”Twenty-six Warrnambool businesses have got involved this year in Movember and I hear more are going to get on board in 2009 which is great.”Mr Smith said the ball, held on Friday from 7.30pm, would be a ‘retro-themed’ celebration of the moustache’s heyday of the 1970s and ’80s.”The whole theme of the ball is to ‘dress to your mo’ and the 70s and ’80s were when you could be proud to wear a moustache,” he laughed.”All the proceeds from the night will go towards raising money for depression and prostate cancer and there will be a prize of a car stereo for the best mo in town so it should be a great night.”Mr Smith said many Warrnambool Movember participants overlooked more famous identities for moustache inspiration in favour of The Standard’s Tim Auld.”Tim Auld was the guest judge at last year’s Movember contest and I think most of the blokes involved want to aspire to his moustache greatness.”
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